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Multi-Dimensional Approach

Strategic partnerships:

At Michini Wealth Management, we are firm believers in the value of proactive dialogue with your tax and legal advisors. This multi-dimensional professional input crafts a comprehensive understanding of your ambitions, obstacles, present stance, and the resources essential to address your aspirations.

Strategic partnerships:

Synchronized and transparent communication among your professional associates ensures that your tax, estate, and investment strategies are seamlessly intertwined with your goals. This holistic approach guarantees decisions are well-informed, avoiding isolated or unilateral decision-making.

When we collaborate with your CPA, we aim to:

  • Streamline your end-of-year tax strategies.
  • Deliver comprehensive reports on Realized Gains/Losses.
  • Offer tax forecasting insights, illuminating potential planning opportunities.
  • Recommend optimal timings for Roth conversions.
  • Guide on scheduled distributions from deferred compensation plans annually.
In our partnership with your legal counsel, we ensure:

In our partnership with your legal counsel, we ensure:

  • Precise setup of investment accounts and planning systems.
  • Alignment with evolving estate planning requirements.
  • Accurate beneficiary nominations.
  • Consideration of future gifting plans and strategies.

Additionally, if needed, we can connect you with seasoned professionals we frequently collaborate with.

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